Custom Home Building

How do you make a home truly your own? Well, by personalizing it, of course.

For some, a personalized production home might be enough self-expression, while others may favor building a custom home. At American Italian Construction, we’re here to serve, so that no matter what your preference is, you’ll get the home of your dreams, tailored to your tastes.

Architecture Upgrades

If you’re looking to give your home a fresh look, consider updating its architecture, both inside and out! An outdoor remodel is a great way to customize and update the exterior of your home, and add character and curb appeal while you’re at it! Or you could get a bathroom or kitchen remodel, which not only gives you a space tailored for your enjoyment but also adds marketable value to your home.

Malcom House Interiors

Interior Designer Emily Malcolm’s high-quality range is based on the premise that a truly successful design can utilize a collection of high-quality pieces from various periods and styles, while simultaneously incorporating timeless construction and architectural techniques. From retail to residential, there’s a style here for everyone.


About the Process

Our process for completing a project is roughly the same across all of our services, the only difference is in the scale of the work to be done. With custom home building, obviously, it consists of the most planning with you and our team, the longest construction times, and the most walkthroughs by you to make sure things are perfect. Since it has the most of everything, it also has the most excitement around a successful, professionally handled and completed project!

Our process has many stages, but here is a rough layout of what you will get to take part in:

  1. Meet with Mike Carpinelli to discuss your ideas
  2. Meet with Mike and the Architect and/or Interior Designer
  3. Review the plans/drawings
  4. Periodic walkthroughs throughout the construction process
  5. Final walkthrough + revisions
  6. Final inspection and the lovely handoff of the keys!

Call For a Quote:

(980) 297-8581

We’ve stopped by the house several times over the past week, and we have been extremely impressed with the quality of work and thoroughness of your team – it’s really coming along beautifully, thank you!

Anna & Johnathon – Charlotte, NC

Other Services


Modern minimalism, rustic industrial, or all white farmhouse style covered in shiplap. No matter what style you prefer, we are here to help you make the changes to your home so that all of it feels like your style.


Beyond building a new custom home or updating rooms, we can help you to add more space to your home inside and out. Whether it is adding on a 4 seasons room, building a new deck/patio area, or even that detached garage, man cave, or she shed you have been wanting for time to yourself. We can help you add to your dream home.

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